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FitNews.TV is the ONLY Tool you need for Online & Mobile Fitness Marketing Success.

  • Attract and Retain MORE Fitness, Personal Training and Life Coaching Clients
  • Extend Your Personal Brand to You Earn More Money
  • Build, Manage and Master Your Subscriber List So You Can Grow Your Tribe
  • Create and Send Email Campaigns Fast and with Ease
  • Expand Your Reach with Text Message Marketing
  • Track and Analyze Your Marketing Results With a Single Click
  • Integrate with Your Social Media to COnnect all the Dots
  • Manage Your Entire Account with Your Smart Phone
  • Improve Your Search Engine Rank by Increasing Your Online Footprint

fitness business online email newsletters

Your clients and prospects are HUNGRY for timely and important information from you.

FitNews.TV is the email newsletter tool you need to keep your clients satisfied, and grow your fitness and coaching business by keeping your clients up-to-date on the latest fitness and personal success trends, capturing new clients through referral links and extending your personal brand to the next level. FitNews.TV has everything you need to run continuous, successful email marketing campaigns, text message campaigns, easy and total social media integration…and more!

Attract and Retain MORE Personal Training, Fitness & Coaching Clients

FitNews.TV is more than just a powerful all-in-one email marketing solution. We create fresh, content-rich newsletter content monthly that you can send to your subscribers as-is or edited to suit your message daily, weekly, monthly or however often you’d like. FitNews.TV content is created by leading industry professionals, and sure to appeal to your clients. And they’ll be far more likely to pass on the word to their friends interested in fitness prgorams and offers. This helps you to generate fast and free referrals for your business.

Expand Your Personal Brand

trainer on a laptopOur professionally written content and our designer-branded email newsletter templates position YOU as the expert in all things fitness and training. You can use our pre-designed fitness templates, or any of the 100 seasonal, holiday and special event templates. Our easy to use drag-and-drop Email Editor allows you to add your own logo, photos and text to create custom. And since your email newsletters are archived as a permanent customized microsite, you can provide links to all of your past newsletters via your company web site, blog or social media pages — providing a continuous source of valuable fitness information to your clients and prospects. This will also increase your rank on Google!

Rapidly Build and Manage Your Subscriber List

Our advanced "Lists and Contacts" feature makes contact management a snap. You can easily add, manage and delete individual subscribers' email addresses, cell numbers, or entire lists. Grow your email lists and collect relevant visitor data with FitNews.TV’s subscription form — which is fully customizable and ready for you to easily embed on your web site. FitNews.TV lets you add multiple lists, segmented into fitness interests such as personal training, fitness boot camp, coaching and more. You can define, collect and store contact attributes and merge these into outgoing emails, making your campaigns targeted and personalized. Another great benefit is your ability quickly and easily transfer your current lists from any other inferior email marketing programs. You DO NOT have to "opt-in" your subscribers who are already on your list from another system. Just import or copy/paste. You can quickly import all of your contacts from a wide variety of web-based email programs, such as:
Import your contacts from these online email programs

Create and Send Email Campaigns

FitNews.TV gives you the power to send your email campaigns anytime — from anywhere. You can schedule your campaign to send automatically within 15-minute increments. And you can send a limitless variety of follow-up emails based upon the actions recipients take on your sends. In fact, you can create rules that send follow-up emails when a subscriber opens an email, clicks a link or watches a video. It's all up to you.

Do your current email provider’s campaigns end up in your clients’ SPAM boxes? Not only do we send your important communications, we also work to ensure your emails get delivered! FitNews.TV uses advanced techniques to ensure reliable delivery of all of your campaigns. The engine FitNews.TV uses boasts some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry, is Anti-SPAM compliant, supports double opt-in email marketing, have relationships with the major ISPs and are a member of ReturnPath.

Your Service Options

Basic (Email & Social Media)

3,000 emails/month $9/month Just $1 for your first month

Intermediate (Email & Social Media)

10,000 emails/month $19/month Just $1 for your first month

Advanced (Email & Social Media)

30,000 emails/month $39/month Just $1 for your first month

Master (Email & Social Media)

100,000 emails/month $89/month Just $49 for your first month

Guru (Email & Social Media)

500,000 emails/month $199/month Just $99 for your first month

Titanium (Email , Social Media & Text Messaging)

10,000 emails & 500 text messages per month $47/month Just $1 for your first month

Silver (Email , Social Media & Text Messaging)

30,000 emails & 1,000 text messages per month $67/month Just $1 for your first month

Gold (Email , Social Media & Text Messaging)

100,000 emails & 5,000 text messages per month $167/month Just $97 for your first month

Platinum (Email , Social Media & Text Messaging)

250,000 emails & 10,000 text messages per month $377/month Just $197 for your first month

Rock Star (Email , Social Media & Text Messaging)

1,000,000 emails & 30,000 text messages per month $697/month Just $497 for your first month

SAVE 20% When You Choose An Annual Plan

Expand Your Reach with Text Message Mobile Marketing

Mobile Text Messaging for Fitness Business

Fitness Business Text Message Marketing

trainer on a laptopBuild mobile campaigns, create a mobile web site in 3 steps and send personalized bulk text messages to your list. Results are 100% measureable — FitNews.TV lets you see who opened and clicked in an instant. You can also add polls and surveys. The possibilities are limitless! Text marketing is available in all countries.




Track and Analyze Your Marketing Results

You’ve sent your campaign…now what? FitNews.TV campaign reports provide accurate email statistics and graphs for each newsletter you send. You’ll receive a high-level graphical view of your campaign results and can drill down into the specifics of each report to monitor open, click through and unsubscribe rates. Our mail report allows you to refine and tailor your future campaigns based on current results.

Integrate with Your Social Media Account - Send Your Message ONCE and Reach EVERYONE with a Single Click!

trainer on a laptopUse FitNews.TV’s Social Share tool to post your newsletters to your social networks, such as your Facebook LIKE page, and embed social widgets for sharing right in the footer of your newsletter to help spread the news and gain referrals. Additionally, with SMS, microsites and an RSS to email, you can publish your newsletters across multiple channels. Imagine... (if you like) you can automatically post your newsletters to your Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter accounts. This saves you time, and extends your reach instantly and dramatically.

Yes, you get a full month of FitNews.TV for just $1 (some programs have a nominal first month fee) for your TOTAL Marketing Solution. What is it worth to you to have a marketing MACHINE that makes it easy to create, send, track and measure professional email campaigns to your fitness clients? What is it worth to you to have fresh, unique and professionally written content – updated monthly – to feed your hungry fitness clients. FitNews.TV is the fitness industry’s most affordable Email Newsletter Solution starting at only $9 per month.

But don’t take our word for it. Sign up for the FitNews.TV 30-Day Trail and see for yourself. It’s only one dollar, and no further obligation is necessary. Sign up NOW!

Endorsed and used by thousands of top fitness and coaching experts and these organizations:
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REMEMBER: Fitness Business Ninja is just another great service we offer you. It is not required to use Fitness Business Ninja when you use FitNews.TV.

Fitnews.TV is a division of NESTA -National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
NESTA fitness education and career training

try for a month for only one dollar

try for a month for only one dollar

See for yourself how FitNews.TV can enhance your communictions, image and revenue. Enter Your Email address and choose a password below to get started with your 30-Day Trial for only $1 (some programs have a nominal first month fee)!

Top 10 Email Marketing Features

  1. Fresh, Custom Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Development Content Each Month
  2. Email Marketing & Social Sharing to Expand Your Reach and Brand
  3. Track and Analyze Campaign Results So You KNow What Works Best
  4. Drag-and-Drop Email Editor
  5. Set up Email Autoresponders for your Opt-ins, eBooks, Free Videos, White Papers, etc.
  6. Segment your Email Campaigns so You Can Send Specific Meesages to Specifics People
  7. Inbox Preview for your Newsletters to Double Check Your Work Before Your Send It
  8. Send your Newsletter as RSS. This is Another Way to Get More People to See Your Message
  9. Texting and Mobile Campaigns Because it is the Cutting Edge of Marketing
  10. Affordable Pricing - Actually the lowest in the email and text messaging industry.

1. Fresh Custom Fitness Content

We create new content every month to ensure that your clients and prospects get the timeliest information from one of the World’s TOP fitness companies. Articles focus on fitness and personal development. Use what you like. Use your own article if you prefer. No set schedules. Send what you need when you need to send it!

2. Social Media and Sharing

Publish your email newsletters to your social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn and others. Social Media is ESSENTIAL to your Success!

3. Track and Analyze Campaign Results

Get accurate email metrics statistics and graphs for each of your newsletter campaigns. The high-level graphical view lets you drill down to individual recipients.

4. Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

Even if you have ZERO experience with HTML or programming, our drag and drop email editor makes it EASY for you to create beautiful and effective campaigns…everytime!

5. Set up Email Autoresponders

You trigger when your emails are sent off…automatically! Triggers can vary from a date or time, to when a subscriber performs a desired action such as clicking a link.

6. Segment your Email Campaigns

FitNews.TV makes it easy to segment your mailing based on clients with similar interests (such as boot camp or Pilates or MMA) and ensures you get the right message to the right people.

7. Inbox Preview for your Newsletters

Preview how your newsletter will look across a variety of email platforms, such as Gmail, Outlook and AOL DIRECTLY in the FitNews.TV Inbox Preview.

8. Send your Newsletter as RSS

Send your newsletters as RSS feeds straight to your subscribers’ inboxes. Publish any feed from your blog or website to an email newsletter that will be sent on a scheduled basis.

9. Texting and Mobile Campaigns

FitNews.TV allows you to send bulk text messaging to mobile phones via the Internet. Our texting gateway is secure and helps you get the word out to a wider audience.

10. Affordable Pricing

At only $9/Month for our basic plan, it's easy to see the value of FitNews.TV? Click here to try us out for 30 Days for only $1 and see for yourself!